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June Birthstone

Posted by Manuel Diaz on

June birthdays are extremely lucky because they have not one but two birthstones to choose from. One is a classic that everyone knows and loves and that is the pearl. The other is the lesser known Alexandrite. 


The Pearl is extremely versatile because anyone can wear it and they can wear it with anything! Pearls come in different colors but the classic white pearl is still the most popular. Pearls can be very expensive but they can also be very affordable. Pearls that are found in the wild are traditionally more expensive whereas cultured pearls which are grown in a farm. Pearls can also come from either oysters and muscles! Pearls make amazing gifts whether in necklace, earring, or bracelet form. Here are some of the beautiful pearl peices we have in our store right now! 

Alexandrite is a rare gemstone that is extremely beautiful. The Alexandrite stone changes color depending on what light it is in. The stone can change from purple, blue, and even deep raspberry colors in different lights. Since the Alexandrite's color depends on the light these pictures do not do it justice but here is a glimpse as to how beautiful this stone really is.

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