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Blue Diamonds Reign Supreme!

Posted by Manuel Diaz on

If we asked you what color diamond you think fold for the most money at Christie's New York you would probably say white. Wrong! The Cullinan Dream sold for $23, 365,000 or 1,050,000 per carat. And once you take a look at the stone you can see why it sold for this much. It's sky blue color is gorgeous. According to Rahul Kadakia, international head of jewelry at Christie's, this was one of the largest blue diamonds every sold at auction! A stone like this isn't made over night the cutter spent several months planning in order to the cut just right so that the stone could really shine. And it sure did! This stone is not alone either, cut from the same rough were two more diamonds that have not yet come to the market. Maybe those two will go sell for more once they hit the ever-changing jewelry market!

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